Thursday, February 3, 2011


My friend, Nancy, and I have a little resale business going. The direction we're going is somewhat in flux but we've had a couple of successful sales, love repurposing ugly stuff and making some money along the way. We're always on the hunt for inventory and gravitate to the same kind of things with the same kind of price tags.

Last week I went to an estate sale on a scouting mission. The guy had some cool, old stuff and the prices were fair but not bargains. The sale was to end Saturday but he was hoping to be sold out by then. I was lusting for some leaded glass windows in the garage that were priced @ $40.00 and was hoping they'd be free by late in the day, so I drove by the house long after the sale had closed to check out the curb. Like I drove up and down the street waiting for the trash to appear whispering, "Come to Mama".

That I have no embarrassment about pecking the estate sale carcass left along the road should be disturbing to me but, hey, business is business and if there happened to be a leaded glass window somewhere in the vicinity of the curb, I'd have taken down a whole flock of scavengers - birdish and otherwise.

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