Monday, February 7, 2011

Gift with Purcha$e

I needed some undereye concealer to cover some dark circles I've had since 1987 when I delivered my firstborn. I headed off to Macy's repeatedly telling myself, "Do not go crazy at the make-up counter.  Do not go crazy at the make-up counter." As if to sabotage me from the minute I walk in the door, Lancome was having a gift with purchase. I made a beeline over there forgetting all about my stupid, little pep talk.

My concealer was $29.50 and in order to get the gift I didn't need, I had to spend $32.50. Hmmm....$3.00 more dollars. Easy as in peasy. Our Macy's counter is run by a guy named Anthony who is a legend around here. He can give you the once over and know exactly which eye shadow, lipstick and blush color would look fab on you and he is never wrong. Ever. When friends of mine say they've been to see Anthony, I tell them to send their Macy's bill to my house so their husband doesn't have a cow when he sees how much anti-aging costs.

I'm pretty sure that in the history of Lancome, they have never sold ANYTHING for $3.00. In fact, my whopping .52 ounce of concealer is in the start of their price range so I ended up with a few more things than I intended to buy, but Anthony said it will make me look much more youthful. I brought home my make-up bag with the itty-bitty products inside and spread it on the bed for a closer look.

Lancome is a French company with some very descriptive product names, and with the exception of some mascara and lip gloss, I have no idea what the heck the rest of this stuff is for.

 Mon mauvais. Nouveau.

 Translation: My bad. Again.

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