Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh Charlie

I heard a clip of Charlie Sheen calling into a radio show (again). Charlie with the drug and alcohol problem. Charlie with the hooker problem. Charlie with the parties that the cops show up at.

He was doing in-home rehab (wink) and you sure don't have to do much to earn phone privleges when you're in your own casa. Now, however, he says he's on the straight and narrow and brought in a hooker and a model to celebrate. Gee, girls, I'm sure that's making mom and dad real proud.

This rant went a little too far as he bit the hand that's paid for his addiction all these years. His show, along with the lighting, sound, camera, costume and make-up people who work on it, is now canceled for the season. I'm sure those employees have a money situation much more precarious than he does which confirms that all those times his mama said to him, "Honey, it's not about you" he didn't hear a thing. The best move he can make after these last few days is to sit down and shut up.

Whaddya bet that's not going to happen?

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