Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are Ya Gonna Cry?

When Hillary Clinton was running for president, there was all kinds of discussion about whether or not the country was ready for a female president. Then she got choked up at a meet and greet and all bets were off. The criticism was unrelenting because she dared get emotional when she was explaining that she cared about the country and the direction it was going which was why she was running. It never mattered that she composed herself quickly and finished speaking in a thoughtful and intelligent way. She cried. End of Story.

This year we've got a new Speaker of the House and the first thing the guy does is cry. Not choked up, not overcome with emotion but face contorting all-out bawling. Is he up for the job? Probably, but why is it that when a woman in the public eye shows the least amount of emotion she is psychoanalyzed like she's one step from the sanitarium and this guy gets a pass over and over?

If you've ever spent much time with a toddler, you know they can easily go off the deep end and the fact that they don't have a command of language makes trying to figure out the problem a crapshoot. "Tell me what's wrong? Did you hurt yourself? Show me where it hurts. Did your sister hit you? YOU BETTER NOT HAVE HIT HIM AGAIN! Are you hungry? Hungry? Should we change you? Huh, Mama change you?"

On and on it goes until you figure out he broke a crayon and then you're thinking, "Oh for chrissakes. That's what you've been crying about?" Toddler gets Pissed Off Mom until nap time because you've just invested all the energy you had for the day and it's only 8:30.

When this guy started crying that's how I felt. I came running to the t.v. for this? I can't even understand what you're saying. Oh, you worked in the family bar from the time you were in high school? I worked at the Dairy Queen. Good family? Oh, me too, except for the dad who made us pick up sticks before he mowed the lawn. Every. Stinkin'. Stick. Every. Stinkin'. Saturday. Ya want something to cry about? Imagine your future as a professional stick picker upper . That was what my childhood was like.

This dude's in for some very nasty weather so if he's gonna swing a big gavel, he better learn to Nancy Up.

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