Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Sign

I was on Craigslist yesterday looking for a paying (key word) job when the computer screen went blankety blank. After fooling around with it for awhile and calling Big Daddy, I got back on to continue the search.

That's when I found this:


I know all about that job. I see those poor souls out there in all kinds of weather dressed in a goofy costume looking for the IRS challenged. Job description: Someone who likes to be outside (even when the tornado sirens are going off), can start ASAP (cuz employee # 47 walked off yesterday) and a salary of $7.50 per hour (because we value your talents).

Don't you think it's odd that in the middle of my job search the computer went dark? Kawinky dink or a sign from above?

I'm gonna pass on the energetic waving position because I believe God was trying to send me a message to hold still for the time being. I also know that I would chase down anyone who made fun of me dressed like Lady Liberty and seriously beat them with my foam torch.

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