Thursday, March 10, 2011

They're Baaack

This week marks the return of The Housewives of Orange County.  The original reality show that led to Bravo finding similar housewives in NY, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Atlanta and soon Miami.

The Orange County Housewives are my favorite.  The other nite while my husband was watching the news,  I tiptoed up the the stairs to watch a little PBS, CNN, Charlie Sheen, heaping pile of crap to relax.  So what's the appeal?  Here's my analysis:

They've got as much in common with housewives as I do with the Dallas Cheerleaders.

They love breast implants, botox, collagened glossy lips, big jewelry, expensive cars and their equally shallow boyfriends/husbands.

They're sluts when they drink and they drink all the time.

They live for drama.  They create it, fake it, love it, deny it.

Best of all, though, they can't friggin' stand each other.  They go out for dinner, go to each others "charity" events and act supportive when one of them is having a problem (like their implants are a C cup instead of a D).  But truth be told, they'd throw each other under the bus in an LA minute.  They're catty, bitchy and nasty to each other.  Is this entertainment?  Is this how real women behave?

Hell to the no but I sure would like to be them for a day.

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