Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter Peeps

I've been a little overwhelmed this week which explains the lame posting.  I'm in charge of the Easter Vigil reception on Saturday nite for about 100-150 people.  On Sunday, we're having 30 people over for Easter dinner.  Can you say AHHHHHH???  Today after I grocery shopped and made umpteen reminder calls to volunteers, I crafted.  For hours at the dining room table.  It's how I handle stress.  I check out with scrapbooking paper and scissors.  I feel better and still have no idea how I'm going to fit this many people in my house, but how lucky are BD and I that we have so many friends?

In the meantime, have the loveliest of Easter seasons when all of life gets a do-over.  Thanks for supporting this writer these last few months.  I heart you all.  Big time............

Love, love, love, love, crazy love


  1. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter! I had no idea you were having so many for Easter dinner - Brave Girl! I'm sure it will be lovely!

  2. there is nothing like some scissors,paper and potentially an ink pad! glad you got some crafty time:) good luck with easter vigil and the easter party! we're bailing on easter vigil this year, but fr. matt is visiting so i think that should count for something holy week-ish.

  3. I like the Bubble reference under the picture :)