Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big News: I'm Thinking Of Doing Something

This week's news reported a story that Mitt Romney has formed an exploratory committee to determine if he should run for president.  Previously, Newt Gingrich (I love America so damn much it causes me to keep cheating on my wives) made the same announcement.  Tim Pawlenty is traveling a lot and talking like he's running for president, but I guess his committee hasn't tied up the loose ends yet.

Big Daddy and I want a summer cottage.  Something small and rustic and close to a pond so he can fish and practice his speech for when he wins the Nobel Prize.  While he's doing that, I'll be putting the finishing touches on my book,  The Story Of A Marriage - How To Go To Hell And Back Without White Lights To Guide You that will likely win me a Pulitzer.  This plan has been in an exploratory committee for nearly thirty years and the conclusion is always the same.  No denero senor and senorita...maybe next year.  After all this time, you'd think somebody would be interested in this compelling story of ours, but no microphone or camera crew has showed up here at the plantation to get the scoop.   I guess BD and I aren't all that newsworthy.

Pssssst, here's a little secret.....neither are theyPass it on.

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  1. i am quite curious about reading excerpts from your book, and would appreciate a few posts on that.
    thanks, the very famous,