Monday, April 11, 2011

One Cluster After Another

Sale date for the Prairie Girls Market.....June 6th.

Pressure on the Prairie Girls to deliver the goods.....biggety.

I channeled Martha and spent the weekend doing some refurbishing and crafting. I was ready to crank out some signs so I penciled in the wording, painted it, let it dry, then antiqued it up.  And you know what happened when I did that last little thing?  I smeared those not quite dry letters to kingdom come then sat in the driveway and said shit about a thousand times to the hot, little mess in front of me.  Two signs that I painstakingly lettered now looked like a used butt wipe.

I repainted and started over.  This time I decided to let it dry overnite (duh) and moved on to something else.  That something else ended up getting aggressively flung into the trash.  I headed directly to the fridge to crack open a beer.

If I keep this up, I'll never get my own show and therefore, no chance for you the viewer to watch a pissed off, cussing, drunk try to reproduce something she saw in a magazine.   Now what?  Well, I'm not gonna brag here (or maybe I am) but I have perfected throwing my crap projects into the garbage can from the free throw line and the crowd always goes craaaaaazy when I do that.  Oh yeah, I've got me some very marketable skills.  I'm a contenda.


  1. Hon.... I must say..... Your personality really comes out in these writings.. and that a good thing.... maybe.....

  2. ... ME leave out "is" after " and THAT A __ GOOD THING" ..... ME Neanderthal....ME just learn to stop dragging knuckles off of ground.... me not writer...ME not sad....ME happy...