Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Speak Your Mind

I was at work one day and a woman came in her with her little girl.  I was helping the mom and the little girl kept interrupting saying, "Hey, lady", over and over.  Her mother told her to shush but finally gave in and said, "Now, what in the world do you have to say that is so important?  The little girl looked at me and said, "Hey, lady, why's you're hair so crazy?" 

That afternoon I went and visited the shop next door and told them the story.  One of the employees asked me if she was dark-haired and about four years old.  Yep, she was.  While they were in that store, the little girl yelled, "Hey, Mom, my butt itches real bad."

Maturity......the moment when the thought bubble hovering over your head ceases to yap despite the overwhelming desire to inform the world of an itchy butt.

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