Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cat Fight

This would be our cat.  Up in a tree.  Hiding from the big, black cat that ruled the hood until Beemer came on the scene and decided he wanted to hang out in his own yard.  Well, he can but he has to do it in a tree.

BD and I had just finished dinner on the patio when there was one hell of a cat fight in the backyard.  BD sprang up to investigate.  I sprang up because I noticed my pot of petunias needed some water and I had an empty glass after finishing off a refreshing gin and tonic.  There I was at the spigot when a big, black cat comes running by.  I flung my glass of water at him which scared the bejeezus out of him and he hid behind the grill so I refilled and did it again.  Oh Lordy, he was FREAKING OUT and took off right back into our yard again when BD gave chase and then noticed something........

The big black cat was not the neighborhood menace, but our next-door neighbor's cat.  Dora the Explorer.  Sweet Dora.  Wouldn't hurt a flea Dora.  No front claws Dora.  Who let the Ginger into the hood and why is that crazy bitch dousing me with water Dora.

Oh, geez, we felt like complete morons.  Dora got the hell out of Dodge and probably had a nervous breakdown behind the wood pile.  We hidey-hoed the neighbors a little while later, commented on the lovely nite and didn't let on that we waterboarded their cat.  We're invited over for dinner in a few days.  Steak dinner.  Maybe some sangria.  If Dora gets a look-see at us coming in the front door, it's gonna get real awkward, real fast.

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