Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Extreme Sewing

Unless you're a crafter you might not know that injuries frequently happen while working on a project.  I've been cut, stuck with pins, burnt hundreds of times by a glue gun, stapled my fingers and nearly passed out from paint fumes.  One time I was shaking a can of spray paint and hit my knee so hard that I fell over in the driveway and laid there making little animal sounds.  By the time Big Daddy came along, all I could say was, "Un gaa, gaa, gaa....." or something like that while pointing to my knee.

Today I was making pillows.  I needed the iron but decided to skip the ironing board because I was too lazy to put it up. I ironed on the living room floor.  Doesn't everybody?  While trying to get a fold mark out of the fabric, I cranked up the temperature and hit the steam.  Thing is, I had my legs spread out with the fabric between 'em and dang near steamed my vajayjay.  Another few seconds and I'd have had to call the fire department to put out my crotch.

It was a close call and I could have been injured, injured bad. 

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