Monday, May 23, 2011

Martha Martha Martha

I was perusing my favorite blogs and got the craptacular idea to make some candles after seeing a photo from Martha Stewart.  Shell candles.  Melt some wax, pour them into seashells, stick a wick in there and voila.......a little seashore ambiance.  Just what we need here in Kansas when we're surrounded by dirt, dirt and some dirt.

Nancy is the proud owner of hundreds of shells so I went to her house to check them out.  We chatted about THE BIG SALE COMING JUNE 4TH (shameless shouted plug) while picking out shells.  I left with a nice stash and got to work.  It was warm and muggy out, but I hovered over the stove watching my wax melt because it happens to be highly flammable and I didn't need to burn down da howse.  Anyhoodle, Martha says to put your shells in a baking dish filled with sand as to keep them from tipping.  Martha thinks of everything.  Oh me, oh my, they were so cute until Boy Child came sniffing around the crap project and said, "How are you going to keep the wax from running out the sides when you start to burn it?"  Martha already thought of that.  Doesn't she always?  You glue small shells to the bottom like little feet to level your shell.  They no sticky, Martha.

There I was massaging another cluster when Boy Child says, "Maybe you should put them in something."  Oh, he's so smart right out of year two of university.  Off he went and I got a vase to try out my new grand plan to float the candles.  I filled the vase with water, dropped my little shell of wax into it and it sank right to the bottom.  Me, not so smart.  Me need more university

Final Assessment of the Hot Mess of a Bad Idea:  Shells weren't big enough.  Didn't have underlings like Martha has to stand over a hot stove on a hot night.  Spent $10.00 at the Hob Lob and God knows I hate giving those cranky people any of my money.  Realized Hob Lob employees are cranky due to being around crafts all day.  Had a beer.  Called it a night.  Shells, sand and wax all over the counter mocking me.  Mocking me real bad.

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  1. Kind of like when you're watching the DIY Network and they show you, in 1 minute, how easy it is to re-tile your bathroom floor. Boy, there is a lot left on the cutting room floor - like how to actually do the job with out losing your mind, money, family and patience.
    I will say this much about DIY, they actually show people who should not be left alone with power tools and wood. For a real hoot, watch "Renovation Realities" and try to predict the next accident before it happens!