Monday, May 23, 2011

The Patio Thrift Built

This is the patio we put in last summer.  The space was awkward and when you mowed it, you'd be engulfed in a cloud of dust since no more than ten blades of grass grew there.  I looked at that space forevah and said to Big Daddy. "That's gotta go."

A friend was moving and offered us a huge stack of pavers if we were interested.  Say no more.  If it weren't midnight when she told us, we'd have gone right then and there to load 'em up.  The table was free from my next-door neighbor.  The iron chairs were $5.00 each at an estate sale in the dead of winter (when nobody but an idiot would venture outside to have a look) and can I tell you how many times somebody has offered to buy them from me?  The tub is from a yard sale and is now a koi pond.  I bought the lounger from a guy who told me his uncle used to farm his fields then sit in it, have a glass of lemonade and take a nap when he was done.  The lightening rod was bought at a flea market and BD nearly killed the deal I was making when he started cracking on Glen Beck right there at the booth.  I gave the hubs the death stare, poured the charm on and waved cash under Mr. Conservative Dealer's nose and money's money even if the buyer is some hippie, liberal, atheist commie.

Now we sit out there all the time like we're at some French cafe watching the world go by and I tell the kids at least once a week that we hit the jackpot on funding this project.  All right all ready, they say and roll their eyes because they know that besides loving a good deal, I crazy love the stuff we live with to have a good story.

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  1. Nice photo - look at that composition! Love those chairs - wasn't that a fun day?! Still can't believe everything we packed in to your car that day - the power of two women on a junk high!