Saturday, June 18, 2011

Books & Branson

You might not know this, but Branson doesn't have a real book store.  I wanted to buy a book while we were there and couldn't find one on the shopping center directory so I asked somebody working in one of the stores.  She told me they have a Books A Million at one of the outlet malls and a Christian bookstore, but not a regular book store. 

I went into the 5 & 10 that's been in business for fifty years.  I've never seen such a selection of hairnets in one place.  Light brown, medium brown, dark brown, blonde, red, black, auburn.  You name the color and there's a hairnet for it.  I did not even know that you could buy hairnets anymore.

But no books. 

I saw my little ballerina doing this and bummed a book off somebody to make the time pass and someday I'll probably regret not buying myself a couple dozen of those hairnets.

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