Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Rapture

Big Daddy goes biking every Saturday and Sunday morning in the wee hours with his buddies.  They ride fast.  Big Daddy likes fast.  Makes him feel like he's not a geezer.  Like he's got some gas in the tank and some man in the manhood.  When  he comes home, he thumps his chest and says "Did 42 miles today."  Wow, I say back.  I doubled that at Target.

I rarely hear him leave as I'm still dreaming away about distributing my Lotto win.  When I get up, though, the coffee is made and ready for some sippin' along with some newspaper reading.  When I went to let the cat in this morning, this was by the front door.

Those would be Big Daddy's underpants.  Either he was in a hurry to get into his bike gear and out the door or Jesus has called him home.

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  1. okay dokay. I am officially vaklump?