Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A few months ago, Oprah interviewed Barbara Streisand and asked her what was the hardest part of being married.  She replied, "I find that I have to watch my tone."

I came home from the grocery store and told Big Daddy that food prices have gone thru the roof,  Well, he wanted to know, how much would you say you spent when we first moved her.  Like nineteen years ago?  Yeah, what would you say our food bill was per week.  I have no idea.  What would you guess it to be?  I don't know what I spent on anything back then.  But if you could guesstimate it, what would it total?   Still don't know.  Just a ballpark?  I  have no friggin' idea what our food cost in 1992 and you can ask me ten more times, but I still won't know it. 

Sheesh, he can make me nuts in a heartbeat and Babs needs to scoot on down the Oprah couch and make some room.  She's singing my song.


  1. Big Daddy, how much were your bike shorts, then?

  2. Bike shorts in 1991? (didn't wear them... )
    Gas prices in 1991 ~ $1.10
    Gas prices now - 3.55- 3.90.
    everything else follows suit.