Saturday, July 30, 2011


Mr. Handsome B.D. and I have been married 28 years today.  It was wicked hot on the day we got married and geez, it's still hot.  Har, har, har.

Many years ago, we invited some old neighbors over for dinner.  For whatever reason, it felt awkward to me and hard to make conversation.  After about thirty minutes, Big Daddy blows in from work and sorry I'm late,  I've missed you guys in the hood, how's the new place, everybody got something to drink, the cement business treating you well, da Bears are killing me this year...........

I  remember that night vividly for many reasons.  I knew I married a guy who loved the company of other people, who got the party started the second he walked in the door and was the perfect compliment to my often shy self.  Since that first blind date at Denny's, to marriage, to three kids born in three different states, to ups and downs, he has always felt like home to me.

Source: via Kyle on Pinterest


  1. Congrats on 28!
    Nice to have a soft spot to land isn't it?
    Love to you both!