Thursday, July 28, 2011


I'm kind of afraid of birds.  They creep me out.  The Big Daddy, he loves 'em.  Sometimes, I think we have absolutely nothing in common except gin.  When my brother, Tom, was younger he got attacked by a bird right outside the front door.  "Gull damn blue jays", my mom said.  To this day, if she hears a bunch of birds squawking, she'll say, "It's those gull damn blue jays."  I was about 40 before I knew that she was saying "goddamn" instead of naming a species of the blue jay.

The Big Daddy and I are headed out with the Chillens on a road trip to a family wedding.  From here to Iowa to Illinois, he will point out every hawk he sees along the way.  On wires, fence posts, along the road.  Hawk.  Hawk.  Kath, a Hawk.  This is what I do in the car on a road trip.  Read, nap, eat Skittles.  Sometimes I yell at The Big Daddy, "For chrissakes watch the road and not the hawks or you're gonna get us killed."  Then I go back to snacking on my Skittles because I've got low blood sugar.  Or maybe it's high blood sugar.  I can't remember which ailment I have, but it's the one that needs sugar in order to stay alert in case the gull damn birds start attacking.

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  1. What a great photo! Gull Damn Birds! Love it.
    Have a fun trip - safe travels!!