Sunday, July 10, 2011

How Green Thou Art

My neighbor, like me, is a scavenger.  She doesn't go to the lengths that I do to get a good piece of curbside love, but she occasionally brings home the goods.  If she can't use it and thinks I'd like it, she'll leave it on my driveway.  Some are hits, others are misses and become my problem to get rid of.  A few months ago, she picked up this on the curb.  She mulled it over a few hours and decided she wasn't going to keep it and told me it was on her driveway if I was interested.

When I pulled up in front of her house, I couldn't get out fast enough and then by myself hauled this baby to my car before she changed her mind.  I sanded the peeling paint and put on a coat of wax and thanked the Junk Gods for this green beauty.  It's been moved about five different times since then, but I think I've settled on this place and oh me, oh my, it makes me wonder what life was like in some dark garage until it could come to a home that appreciated all of its beat-up glory.

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