Thursday, July 7, 2011


Last March I called Nancy up and said let's talk.  I hated my job, I hated having my creative spirit shot down and I desperately needed to get to a better place.  I've known Nancy for years and loved her style, and when she was over to my house for a dinner party for a mutual friend, the wheels of change started turning.  She was looking for the same thing and that's when our Prairie Girls Market got off the ground.

Nancy and I work well together.  There's no drama, no bitchiness, no hurt feelings.  Two creative souls who love digging for old stuff with a good story.  The best of this partnership, though, is that spiritually we are of like minds.  We want to make enough to give back and make our circle bigger and while it's been in frustratingly small baby steps, there isn't another person I'd rather do this with.

In January when I started writing this blog, Nancy was its biggest cheerleader.  She understood who my audience was and has told more people to read this than anyone else.  On those many days that I wobbled and waffled, when over the course of a day nine people had read my blog and I said maybe this was a dumb idea after all, she propped me up and said DO NO STOP WRITING.

I'm not sure where this will lead, but I do know that ever since I decided to chuck it all and go broke, it's been o.k.  That's not to say I don't lay awake at nite and worry about money because I do, but I am much happier than I was.  I do not take for granted that I hit the jackpot at that first meeting Nancy and I had, because while planning a future, I found a friend and a partner who manages to cheer long and loud during those times when my inner cheer is adrift.


  1. That jackpot was split two ways on that first meeting! Love You Friend!

  2. my answer to you is still the same: ETSY!. do it!

  3. I wish I had a million dollars, just to keep you in paper, coffee, chocolate and whatever you needed... just as long as you wrote everyday.
    Let your light shine, it makes my grey days better!!