Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Tour

The Big Daddy loves the Tour De France.  I think he fancies himself to have been one of those guys in his younger days, but now that he's older he's had to settle into being an observer of those fit, young cyclists vying for the yellow jersey.  As with past years, there was a spectacular crash involving a car, a cyclist and a bouncing trip down the side of a mountain.  Good stuff if you're full of testosterone.  Ya gotta come in here and see this, BD said to me over and over.  Each time was a false alarm with no replay, so instead of getting up and down, I plopped next to him on the bed to wait for footage of the crash. 

The announcer doing the play-by-play said that he could tell that the current leader was really kicking it into gear and going all out because his trademark tongue was hanging out.  And I quote, "He's got the longest tongue in the Tour."  BD, did he just say that guy's got the longest tongue on the Tour?  Yes he did.  He seriously just said that?  He did.  I'd rather see a replay of that cute Spaniard with the tongue than some crash.   BD said, hey now, let's not take this down into the gutter, but he forgot for a minute who he's married to, and how she goes through most days with one foot planted in the gutter.  And he forgot that was the attraction.

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  1. Thank you so much for your comments about my Mom on my blog! It is so nice to find new friends through the internet! Your comment brought me tears, its nice to know that as alone as it can feel right now, there are so many others who have experienced the same thing! Glad to find your blog!