Thursday, August 4, 2011


With Oprah in reruns and closing up shop, I think we need a new Favorite Things Sheriff in town.  Okay, I'll be it. 

My Picks For Things I Love Like A Back Alley Hooker Loves Crack:

The Daily Show
I heart anything on t.v. that does not make the assumption that I am stupid.
See above.

I am addicted to this website.  Like I need an intervention.

Stevie Wonder, Dean Martin, Usher, James Taylor & Michael Buble
I love me a man that can sing me out of a bad mood.

Chip and salsa.  Chips and guacamole.  Chips and hummus.
No explanation needed.

Savers Thrift Store
Recently purchased an Ann Taylor black silk dress for $12.99 less 30%.  Score.

Gin and tonic.
The go to drink of the summer for me and The Big Daddy.

Garnet Hill, Sundance and Pottery Barn catalog.
Add to make-believe shopping cart with make-believe pile of money.

Sparks Flea Market
Two times a year.  Lots of farmers clearing out their barns of vintage goods with a little flirting to go with that deal we're bound to make.

The Book of Wisdom
A spiral I've kept for many years of great writing - be it quotes, articles, advice or motivation.  I add to it and look it over all the time.

Malted Milk Balls
When the kids were little, I kept a stash hidden inside the crockpot.  Whenever there was a meltdown at the OK Corral (like every day), the kids would be sent off somewhere to "think about their behavior" and I'd head for the balls to de-stress.

I plan to update this from time to time, but I've kept the first one basic and inexpensive, because that's how I roll these days.  Most good things in life are the simple pleasures, right?  I kinda crack myself up sometimes with my AHA moments.

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  1. i seriously woke up this morning and thought "please let kathy have blogged because i could use a laugh today." alas, there was nothing updated on my phone and i was saddened but hopeful that something new would come up this morning. so THANKS, for making me laugh this morning as i needed it. (i could also use some malted milk balls, michael buble and a gin and tonic.)