Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Moving Day

The Boy Child kicked the dorm life to the curb this year and is moving into an apartment.  To say he was excited would be putting it mildly.  Why are these kids so damn happy to leave this house?  He and his dad went to get the moving truck and we loaded it up and went on our way.

This is The Boy Child's room.  When he was in kindergarten, I took him to an estate sale and bought a few things lickety split before he got bored and into trouble.  I saw the sign from an old boat tucked into the corner of the basement, but wasn't able to hold onto him and the things I already was buying so I left it there.  Oh, but I thought about that sign all morning.  When I dropped him off for the afternoon at school, I made a beeline back to that house.  Please, oh please, oh please still be there.  There it was looking all forlorn and forgotten and I scooped it up and took it to the cashier who couldn't believe nobody had bought it sooner.  I still love that sign, just like I love the boyness of that room.

This is The Boy Child's peg rack which yesterday was loaded with hoodies that I would nab when I got cold.  He stripped his room pretty bare and looking at that empty peg rack when I got home made me about as forlorn as that sign waiting for a new home.  I did some dusting and cleaned under the bed.  Then I went into the closet where I found some of his jackets and hung them up so it looks like a boy still lives in this house.

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