Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh The #####s

When I was working at a little clothing boutique (a.k.a. Crazy Town), my job was to continually prop up the owner.  If business was slow and she was going off the deep end, I'd say it was too hot to shop, too cold to shop, too rainy to shop, too early in the week to shop, too late in the week to shop..........  I'd dig deep into the excuses bucket over and over.  It. Was. Exhausting.

When I first started writing this blog, the numbers were dismal and I was o.k. with that.  It was new and I needed to get the word out, and when I did, things started picking up.  I check the numbers a couple of times a day, much like my former employer checked the register.  A few weeks ago I had my best day and oh me, oh my, I was starting to hope that this thing was taking off and getting some attention.

Then this past week came and went with numbers so bad that I wanted to pick up the computer and heave it out the window.   Is it too hot?  Too August?  Too what?  Every time I checked was a punch in the gut of my self-esteem and that's taken a shellacking lately.  I whined to The Big Daddy that maybe this was a bad idea, maybe I suck at this.  Maybe being the entertainment for two dozen people in a day is too much work.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Today I read about a guy who writes a weather blog that gets 80,000 hits a day.  Hurricane Irene and he was up to 650,000.  For crissakes, you can open up the window and figure it out for yourself most of the time.  If I got a fraction of that, I'd have thought I'd died and gone to heaven. 

Maybe one of these days, I'll hit the literary jackpot, but in the meantime, today's high in Kansas City will be near 100 (no shit people.....again with the hunnerds and the humidity), winds out of the west at 12 mph and partly cloudy.  Watch your back Mr. Big Shot 80,000 Hits Weather Blogger.  I'm knocking back a shot of assertive and going after your audience.


  1. being one of the '2 dozen' or so that are religious have to keep this up. when else am i going to laugh during the day? and in more seriousness, as Teacher Girl and Prince Charming get married - where am i going to see the crafts that made? or hear about the shenanigans (as there will be plenty) of your eldest getting wed? you have inspired me so, that i too have started writing a blog. (i just don't share it with people...including my husband;)

  2. If you stopped writing your blog, I will be forced to sue you for my withdrawal pains. Write on and never mind the weather report.

  3. I heart my little fan club and am working hard at getting my mojo back. I just can't quit you. Hey, isn't that a line from a movie????

    Sabrina......Have you noticed I'm now pinning under the Speckled Trout flag? Advice from another blog I read. We'll see who it attracts.