Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Vacation Chronicles: Das Boat

This is the Captain, who is married to my sister.  The Captain loves his boat.  Like he would be a polygamist and marry it if he could.  When we landed on the shores of Lake Michigan, he couldn't wait to get that thing in the water.
This is the boat that would take us water skiing and tubing.
On the first day, The Captain loaded up the boat with chairs, the cooler, canopy and towels, and he and The Big Daddy drove to the Sand Suburbs and anchored it while the rest of us hiked our way thereFive minutes after we arrived, he was ready to take some clients out on the water.  So ready that while trying to avoid the anchor rope, he backed up and hit the tow rope which got sucked into the engine and killed it.  Like game over killed it.

This is my sister's cankle.  She took that cankle down the beach and flagged down some jet skiers who towed The Captain's disabled boat back to the dock for repair.

This is Teacher Girl's Prince Charming and he hauled the wagon of crap that came by way of boat through the sand, over the hills and across the bridge back to our cottage.
While he was doing that, The Captain and The Big Daddy got the boat out of the water and into the parking lot of the boat launch to work on it, and once in awhile we could see their heads appear from underneath the boat.

This is the river that The Big Daddy swam across when he needed a knife.  His original plan was to swim back with the knife clenched between his teeth, but he thought better of it when I pointed out the Amish family over on the dock.  Maybe next time, Tarzan. 

With asphalt stuck to their backs, The Captain and The Big Daddy eventually arrived back at our dock with one repaired boat.  That night we went to the movies and saw "Cowboys and Aliens", but we already knew what kind of hero can kick some ass and save the summer vacation.

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