Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Vacation Chronicles: Fisher Man

The Big Daddy loves to fish which is why he never misses "River Monsters."  One episode of River Monsters was about a fish that is so small it can (and will) enter a man's penis.  I bet you never heard about that one during the Meet and Greet at the club.  Our cottage was on a river that emptied into Lake Michigan.  The Big Daddy kept saying he wondered what was in that river and I told him he ought to dip his pole in there to see.  With a baggie over it just in case.  Or maybe we needed to make a trip to the Wal-Marts so he could buy himself a fishing pole.

A couple of hours later, he was sitting on the dock fishing, happy as could be.  The rest of us let him be because with the exception of a fish swimming up your hoo-hah, it's a pretty dull sport.  Before long, I could hear The Big Daddy yelling, "GET THE NET!  GET THE NET!  THE BIG ONE!"

Here's me bringing the BIG net.

Geez, kids, I said, I think your dad just caught Moby Dick.  Instead he landed this:

They kind of look like brothers from different mothers.

He caught more after that.  He said they were about this big:

Seriously?  That Big Daddy sure can tell a tall tale, but the real reason he's so happy is because he didn't come home with a freeloader in his pants.


  1. so, it turns out MORE of the world knows about this penis fish then you would think...it was in an episode of Grey's Anatomy. it's a pretty awful fish because it swims up there (only when you are peeing - easier to find the entrance) and lays out claws to clench in and make it hard to remove. tell Big Daddy if he wants to come to CO and go fly fishing with my hubby he is more than welcome. then you can come with me and we can go painting:)

  2. So happy to be a girl right now!!