Monday, September 19, 2011

9-1-1 Emergency

The Big Daddy was getting ready for work and turned on the t.v.  He likes to have the business channels on so when they interview the "financial analysts", he can get pissed off first thing in the morning.  They can't hear you cuz they're inside the box.  Oh boy, he says the other day, I think the t.v. is going out.  Look at that picture, it's all red.  Oh geez, oh my gosh, oh man, now there's no picture.  And he's pacing around all nervous-like in his bike pants saying, "Whadda we gonna do, whadda we gonna do?"  Watch the other two t.v.s

Then he gets real serious and says I guess this means we've gotta get a new t.v.  Hold your spandex there, Mr. Toshiba.  Maybe I can come home early from work, and gosh I guess we're gonna have to bite the bullet and get a new one - maybe something a little bigger this time.  Here we go.  We don't have to get one right away, I tell him.  Yes, we do, he says.  We do cuz I know how you like to have it on when you're cleaning up here and I'd just like to take care of this for you ASAP.  Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Out of  habit I turned the t.v. on a few days later, and the purtiest picture you can imagine popped up.  It was like Jesus rising from the dead.   Oh yeah, that boat anchor of a t.v. was resurrected.  How long it lasts nobody knows, but now we're back to The Big Daddy telling Rick Santelli he's full of shit and me picking up coffee cups, towels and underpants.

It's a grand life here at the estate every morning.

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