Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The Big Daddy and I are trying to get in better shape, along with making better choices when it comes to food.  We figured with both of us committed to the same goal, we'd be likely to have more success.  

The other day, BD was eating a bowl of ice cream.  Wow, that's a lot of ice cream.  It's a small bowl, he says.  It's like the Leaning Tower of Mint Chocolate Chip.  I gave him a talking to in my mom voice about our agreement.  Which married men just loooooooove.   This is all I'm having and then I'm done, he tells me.  Well, what about the Twix bar you had?  Jeezus, he says, how'd you know about that?

How'd I know about that???  The guy leaves evidence wherever he goes.  Candy wrapper on the counter.  Dirty dishes in the sink.  Lid off the cookie jar.  I can figure out everything he's eaten in about 15 seconds just by investigating the crime scene.

I eat my ice cream right out of the carton.  Standing at the kitchen counter.  With the lid in my hand.  As soon as I hear footsteps, the spoon gets shoved in my pocket, the lid gets popped on and cream back in the freezer and nobody's the wiser. 

Men have such commitment issues.  If they only paid closer attention to the women they love, they'd see the light. 


  1. spoon in pocket? really? that's slightly bizarre!

  2. Sometimes she forgets and days later the clothes dryer makes an awful rattling sound .....voila ..... spoon found but kinda bent.

  3. just a hint: if you use a gelato scoop, eat treat from it and when you hear footsteps... slip it into the dishwasher or sink of sudsy water, lid on and back into freezer. water desrtoys evidence and you look like you have been toiling at a house hold duty...BONUS POINTS!!