Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Dog Nazis

My mom is a dog lover and has had a dog most of her life.  Mom's last dog had plenty of health issues as she got older, and ended up costing her a whole lot of money.  The dog eventually was put to sleep, and Mom announced that she no longer would be a dog owner.  Anybody who even thought about getting her a dog was going to have to march it right back to the pound. 

She's changed her tune of late, and my sisters have been taking her around to look at dogs for adoption.  They found a Shihtzu rescue group, and Mom decided to adopt Maxwell.  The process involved a three page application with references and a home visit.  Yeah, for a dog.  After all that was completed, Max ended up being adopted by a young family with kids, even though his bio said he wasn't good with kids.  

The Dog Nazis made a house call to make sure Mom didn't barbecue dogs, and brought another dog for her to consider.   A ten year old blind dog.  The Helen Keller of dogs.  The I'm going to cost you a fortune dog.   It seems Mom didn't meet their age requirements to adopt a younger dog, and they were making a hard sell for the healthy senior to adopt the disabled senior.  Mom was patient and hospitable to them, while my sisters delivered the stinkeye and whispered the snark.  When they didn't get anywhere with that plan, they suggested that my sister, Ann, fill out an application to adopt Maxwell (who hadn't been adopted after all) and then give him to my mom.  She submitted a new application, and got an email first thing the following morning saying you're never going to believe this, but Maxwell has found a new home.   Again?

Mom ended up adopting Duffy from the Humane Society, and he sure knows how to rock the cute.  My sister sent an email to the Dog Nazis saying what a farce their organization was, and implied that Mom has a vast fortune of money that she likes to give to to dog rescue groups, despite pleading from her kids and attorney to scale back her contributions.

Those sisters of mine make it their job to look out for Mom, and they're not amateurs.  Getting into a bullshihtzu match with either of them is a fight you don't want to have.

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