Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pundit For a Day

The Big Daddy and I watched the Republican debate tonite.  The whole day was a shitstorm for me, so I thought I'd end it the same way it began.   Since the paid pundits analyze the daylights out of these kinds of things and bore me to death, I decided I'd make notes of my own..........

Ron Paul.  Believes the private sector is capable of regulating itself, and dogs and cats should be living together.

Rick Santorum.  I seriously had no idea he was still in it.  

Newt Gingrich.  Dumped Wife #1 and Wife #2 and loves his country even more than the soulmate he found in wife #3.  

Jon Huntsman.  Overdid the tanning bed and looked like he rolled in a bag of Doritos.

Michelle Bachmann.  Got knocked from the #1 spot this week, but hair is holding up well.

Mitt Romney.  If you put a cap and a neckerchief on him, he'd look just like Thurston Howell III.

Rick Perry.   Smiles more than a preacher with his hand in your pocket.

Herman Cain.  The Pizza Man knows a little something about job creation of the minimum wage kind.

It was some kind of show, and midway through I had to open a window to get some air into that room.  We've got a long way to go until next November, but I bet I'll sleep like a baby knowing that the best and the brightest wealthiest of our patriotic idiotic citizens longs to be my next president.


  1. Kath, you've got all my respect. I couldn't bring myself to watch after the first few seconds. Must have met my minimum on bs early in the day, and couldn't take any more. It was actually more entertaining to watch the documentary on building the WTC memorial fountains.

  2. If you don't know who "Santorum" is, please Google the word and you will be enlightened...