Sunday, September 11, 2011


This summer has been a disappointment for The Big Daddy as far as crops.  The heat was brutal and killed off much of what was growing.  A raccoon pulled down every stalk of corn for a late night snack, and as soon as the tomatoes start to ripen, the squirrels eat half of them and leave the rest to rot. 

He has, however, reaped a bumper crop of potatoes - so far more than 50#.  I love potatoes.  I would eat potatoes every day.  Whenever I have made dinner, The Big Daddy says what's with all the damn potatoes, have you ever heard of rice.  Yes, I've heard of rice, but my people worship at the Altar of the Potato.  Do your people know that the Potato Famine is over, he asks.  For my people, the Potato Famine will never be over.

Now we have Big Daddy Reds coming in by the buckets and all of a sudden, he's discovered the potato.  I'll make extra to heat up the next day and they'll be gone because he ate them all.  Man, these taters are good, he says.  They've always been good.  Ya can't beat fresh taters right out the ground, can ya?  No, Big Daddy Farmer, you're the best Tater Man in the state.

It's like all these years of me telling him how good they are, and and he never heard a word I've said until now.  I bet he had taters in his ears.  Or ears in his tater.

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