Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Week In Pictures

It has been an eventful week, best described in photos..........

The whole family has been anxiously waiting by the phone for the bank to call to approve our refi.  I read the Bible to keep my mind off The Troubles.  Or maybe it was Tina Fey's book.  I can't remember now cuz my headpiece was so dang tight my brain hurt. 

The Big Daddy got mad that it was taking so long and shouted to the banker, "I pity the fool who doesn't give us a mortgage."  And he tried to make a fist to show he meant business, but he's got arthritis in that one hand.

"Calm down",  I said.  "I think I know of a way to make them understand the situation better."

Finally, Mr. Potter putted the "approved" stamp on our papers.  I was so happy my curls tightened up and I said, "Now with the savings I can get a new crown on that tooth way in the back there.  See?"

"Let's have the whole clan over to celebrate and I'll make my famous Jesus Pizza," The Big Daddy said.

"What about your cousin," I asked.  "One and all", he said.  "One and all."

Even our moms got to come until the cops found them and took 'em back.

When everyone left, we went to bed in our newly refinanced home and fell fast asleep.

 Where he came to visit me in my dreams.............

................and he was just about to put the moves on me when the house tipped over.


  1. First it was the Brad Pitt mask,...
    Then it was the George Cloney mask....

    Now..I gotta find out where I can get a decent Colin Firth mask?? Geezzz woman

  2. Hold your horses, BD. CF is mine. I called it a long, long time ago. Hands off ... or else more will fall on you than that bikealong house.

  3. Back off, Boogaloos...Colin and I have had a thing going since Circle of Friends!! I've got my own "special" posse to take on your clan (including cousin) if necessary!

    OK, Kathy...this gave me the laugh of the week! In fact, it may be good enough for next week, too! :)