Monday, October 3, 2011

The Butters Whisperer

It has been my experience in the raising of Teacher Girl, that when she decides to do something, it's best to get out of her way or get run over.

When she wanted to get a dog, she and her Prince Charming looked around at the pounds.  When they found Butters, she wanted me to look at him to get my opinion.  Wow, a puppy.  That's a lot to take on.  "So you think I should get him?"  Well, you're both gone all day, is what I really meant, but she didn't hear that.

Butters is a crack baby.  Easily stimulated.  Easily distracted.  Needs a heavy dose of Adderall.  The Teacher Girl is not one to be deterred, and so Butters is enrolled in obedience class.  As she puts it, "He will be a trained dog."   That was a swipe at me, but I was training kids back then and didn't have time to train a dog.  Which is why he bit a neighborhood kid who came into our house for a glass of water.  Once. 

This is the Teacher Girl holding class and getting Butters and our Old Fart to sit.  Attached to her belt is a pouch for treats.  Did you seriously buy that goofy thing?  Oh yes, she did.

The girl in on on a mission from God.   She's a teacher.  She owns a pouch.  She's got a dog to train.

Now move.


  1. Look at that beautiful sit Butters has! That's talent right there! Now we just need to work on the whole barking, biting, digging thing and then we'll be set :)