Sunday, October 9, 2011


The Big Daddy has some issues with his hearing.   Too much rock and roll is what he says in his faux Brit accent.  Then he pretends to brush the hair off his face like Ozzy Osbourne, and oh, how cute.

Except it's not.  It is irritating the crap out of me.  Every thing you say to him, he responds with "WHAAAAAAAAAT????  I can't hear you you're mumbling."  Or looking right at you and speaking.  I was on the phone talking to my sister, and he's upstairs yelling, "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?"  I yelled back, "I'M ON THE PHONE.  I'M NOT EVEN TALKING TO YOU!!!!!"  Oh, he says, I thought you asked me something.  You are making me crazy in a bat-shit kind of way.

After a weekend of us screaming back and forth, I decided to slow down and enunciate every word so The BD would have a better chance of hearing it the first time.  So I yelled down the stairs.  "COULD    YOU   TAKE    THE    BUNS    OUT    OF    THE    FREEZER?"

And he said, "TAKE THE FUN OUT OF WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?"   Oh nothing, just my life.

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  1. Sitting through the longest meeting on the planet and this just made my life infinitely better. Miss you!