Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fitness 101

I need to lose 10#.  I need to do something about losing those 10#, besides walking a twelve year old dog every morning.  I came across a fitness routine that I thought I could commit to on a daily basis.  It consists of:

50 jumping jacks
5 pushups
20 situps
20 mountain climbers
30 second plank
7 burpees

Repeat two times.

Well, that I could do.  That I could commit to.  That was going to lose me 10#.  Day one went pretty good, and my heart was beating like a rabbit.  I must have lost a pound or three by the time I got to the plank.

Day two.  Those jumping jacks were easy peasy when I was ten, but 50 times 2 at 54 is no walk in the park.  Which is what I should have been doing real slow with my old dog.  By #20 I decided to close my eyes and Just. Do. It.  Cuz I'm an athlete now.  I Jumping Jacked and kept counting, except in my darkened state, I was careening all over the bedroom like I'd knocked back a 5th of Jack instead of jumped one.  First I ran into the bed, then I brushed up against the door.  I went in reverse with the peeperless Jacks, and ran into the vacuum cleaner that is out every day except Christmas.

I kept at the Blind Jacking until I reached #50, then went back for round two.  Have I been sore?  You betcha, as a half-term, former Alaskan governor would say.   I'm determined to get fit and trim, but all this exercising sometimes causes me to get the Low Sugars.  I'll tell you, when that happens.......I could swear I can see Russia from my window.

Source: None via Sid on Pinterest


  1. did you find your workout on pinterest?

  2. Yes, there's all kinds. Hit the exercise category for once. And maybe only once.