Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Hob Lob

I am a crafter, sewer, hot gun gluer, spray painter, framer, scrapbooker, creative person.  If that's how you roll and Hobby Lobby happens to be ten minutes away, you could find yourself there at least twice a week.

I loathe The Hob Lob. 

Much as I've frequented the place over the years, I've never had a single employee acknowledge me.  Not, "Oh back again.  What did you forget?  New project in the works?"  Nothing.  Not one word.  Debit or credit, and do not question if we forgot to give you 50% off on that frame.  We don't do that.  Ever.  Hey, have you guys ever heard of a scanner?  It's this thing that beeps and automatically charges the sale price.  You should give it some thought since they've only been around about 40 years.  All the while, the faint tinkling of a piano playing "Jesus Loves The Little Children" is playing on the loudspeaker because they're a Christian company, don't you know?  That's why they're not open on Sunday.  For worship.

I can understand why you would need to take a day off when you bulk sell Christianity.  Considering that the majority of Hob Lob's merchandise is mass-produced products from China, including the Christmas trees that come out in July to celebrate His birth, the 7th day must be a much needed opportunity to cleanse the tainted, commercialized soul.

Source: via Shay on Pinterest


  1. Amen, Sister Fisher! Can I get a Hallelujah!?


    bad customer service anywhere can take the love of Christ out of ya.