Monday, October 24, 2011

The Rules

The Big Daddy and I were eating at the local burger joint when I started telling him about walking the dog that morning.  Oh, I'm a fascinating conversationalist, for sure.  Seventeen years, I've walked two different dogs through the park and in the hood.  I see the same people every day, and we give a little wave, a good morning and keep moving.  All of a sudden these days, we have non-regulars in the park with their dogs unleashed running around getting their freedom on.  Which is what happened to Henry and I the other day, when the owner said "Don't worry, he's friendly."  

The Big Daddy said I can top that.  This parent parked their friggin SUV directly in front of the door at the dance studio waiting for their Little Primadona to come out, causing every car to have to maneuver around them to get their kid and get out. 

The world is one big Idiot Parade right outside the door I told The Big Daddy, so we ordered another round and decided to take a cue from the dog world next time we encounter somebody who thinks the rules don't apply to them.  We'll give 'em a good butt sniffing, and tell them not to worry cuz were friendly.   But that might have been the beer talking.

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