Sunday, October 23, 2011

Taking Stock

The Big Daddy starts out the day watching CNBC.  Or as he calls it, CNBS.  He was yelling at the t.v. more than usual on a lovely fall morning, disrupting my face time with Matt Lauer on the other t.v.

After dropping multiple Eff Bombs, I asked him what had him so fired up.  "I'll tell you what's wrong.  The question of the day is.......If you could only pick one stock to take with you in the afterlife, what would it be?  Facebook or tweet your answer.  Now what kind of dumbass question is that?"   Pssssst, Big Daddy, you're one of those 99%ers.  They're not even talking to you. 

But I did have to agree with him.  Those morons on CNBS must have had one slow news day to come up with that one.  What they should have been asking is.............What morning news anchor would you take with you in the afterlife?

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

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