Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Week In Pictures

Oh, I've been in a real funk lately.  I just can't put my finger on what's wrong.

I got to thinking about those years of dating The Big Daddy.  Those were real special.  Why, we were like two peas in a knitted pod.

Seems like the romance and the conditioner had gone out of our marriage once Sissy.....or is that Junior.......came along.
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I wondered who I should call about this problem, and then it came to me.

They said we needed exorcise the Fat Ghosts, and The Big Daddy got right to work on working out.  Lord have mercy, when he put those weights down and came up from the basement, I about had a heart attack.

Well, I needed to spend a date night with that hunk-a-burnin-love.  He loves when I put my hair up, so I gave it a zip and put a fancy dress on.

And The Big Daddy got extra handsome, too.

We went on our date and it was as special as could be.  You could say it was magical.

Since then, The Big Daddy and I have been inseparable.  A little older, but still like peas in some kind of wrinkled, hail-damaged, sagging pod.

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Once in a great while, this boy tries to sneak into my dreams, and I say, "Ben Whofleck, you go home to that pregnant wife of yours................

I don't need you showing up here.  Why, I'm married to Eye Candy." 

And we were so happy for so long until the warrants came-a-knocking.


  1. The week in pictures cracks me up yet disturbs me at the same time. : O

    I think I threw up alittle in my mouth.

    blind and nausea