Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Employment Diaries

The last year of my employment goes as follows:

Gave notice at Crazy Town in late December.  Wanted to quit after the 1st employee meeting four months into my Community Service Sentence when Crazy Owner showed her true colors and publicly ripped each employee.  Stuck it out for another year.  Gave a two week notice and two days later was told it was my last day.  There is a Santa.

Took time off to write and purge the toxicity from Crazy Town.  Purging took awhile.

Friend calls with opportunity to work at a local bookstore.  Love books, love the shop, but am scared off by one of the partners, who acts like he might be related to owner of Crazy Town.

Answer craigslist ad for retail/creative type who is able to sew.  Right up my alley.  Had great phone interview and owner wants to meet me the next day.  Hired the end of June for 20-30 hours per week.  Worked six hours the entire month of August and was fired by mail due to lack of business.  Never been fired before and by mail.  Really?

Fill out application for J. Jill after noticing A Unique Opportunity sign while shopping.  Turn it in and make a follow-up phone call.   They'll look it over and get back to me.  They don't and now they're dead to me.

Have interview at floral shop where I want to shoot myself during the process.  Got job offer, but declined.

Get lead on a home decor store that I LOVE.  They get the lowdown on me from a friend then interview me for an hour.  Decide I need to spend time "shadowing" at the store to get a feel for the place.  I spend a Wednesday morning pricing, cleaning, sorting.........  Tell me to call back in a week.  Call back and told they'll get back to me by the end of the day.  They don't and I need a tax receipt for the 3.5 hours I donated. 

Filled out an online app for the school district.  Within 24 hours get a call from a nearby school for an interview.  Sat at a table with two women firing questions at me.  Felt like I held my own and have years of volunteer experience to back me up.  Next day get a Dear Speckled Trout email regretting to inform me, and good luck in my search.

Good luck.  In an uncertain job market, I can say with certainty that luck is something I don't have lately, which explains why The Big Daddy and I are nearly done with our third liter of gin since the start of summer.  And what will be our cold weather cocktail?  I haven't decided, but I'd like to have one of these.

Now would be fine.


  1. based on reading this i've decided that you are bad at reading the 'signs'. seriously! you now have started selling your awesome hand-made wares at a place on the weekends. that will transform maybe into your own store named Crazy Town OR you could be a selling artist at Stuff (in brookside) or start an etsy store (something i've been saying for months). just saying...

  2. I should have a Sign Reader like blind people have a Seeing Eye Dog. You are right. I need to get on the Etsy thing.

  3. oh that cocktail looks so lovely. Whhat's it called?

  4. It's a s'more martini. Doesn't it look like something to have by the fire????