Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eye of the Beholder

Nancy and I were discussing the lack of courtesy some women fail to show other women.  Namely, 30 somethings towards 50 somethings.  This recently happened to her, and when I worked at Crazy Town, it happened daily.  They size you up, have judged you in ten seconds or less, and never see the need to make eye contact again.  You have been dismissed, Getting-Old Woman.

These same women like to go through their day wearing work-out clothes.  That way, you can say oh, are you going to the gym.  What gym do you go to?  Well, you look great.  Only 36???  No kidding.  You look great.  Two kids in eight years?  Of course you need to go to the gym.  Oh, and a spin class, too?  Well, you sure look great.

You look great to infinity.

Consistent propping up comes under the umbrella of motherhood, and there's a limit to how many adults one can mother.  Those of us of a certain age know that the day comes when "you look great" means "you don't look tired."  It happens so much faster than one can imagine, and that's why it pays to always be Mindful Of The Karma.

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