Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hunter & Gatherers

When The Big Daddy decided to start farming the backyard, we had a difference of opinion on the aesthetics.  I know it's shocking.   He was going to leave the railroad ties to border it and I haaaaaaaate those things.  I convinced him that we should extend it, curve it and border it with rock. 

We are firm believers in not forking over money for things like rock, so we hunted the Great Plains in search of flagstone.  We would drive around on Sundays, pull over when things looked promising, open the hatchback and start loading.  Can I tell you how many people stopped because they thought we had car trouble?  No, just pilfering rock.  Move along.  Nothing to see..  We were getting puny amounts until The Big Daddy decided we should go to suburbia to nab our prey.

YABBA DABBA DOO!!!!  We stumbled upon a golf course under construction and it was like Bedrock.  Fred and Wilma loaded and loaded, and that car of ours dragged itself home and back many times.

We also believe that we should not pay for dirt.  Across the street, the city is putting in a walking trail to the park.  Suhweeeeeeet.  Bobcats start bright and early and this is what we've looked at for two weeks.  Finally, I said to The BD, "Did you see all that dirt over there?  We should go after dark and load up."  My thoughts exactly, he said.

Great minds and gardeners think alike, and when we're done stealing the dirt we just may bring home Johnny On The Spot.  I've heard that an extra bathroom always ups the resale value of a home.  Significantly.

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  1. Oh Honey,
    You better hope that the city don't read your blog or Barney Fife might come aknockin'.