Wednesday, November 16, 2011


When our cute, little Beamer went to meet his Maker, we decided we were going to take our time finding the next family cat.  When barely a month had gone by, The Teacher Girl informed us that the shelter that she adopted Butters from was having a sale on adoptions.  HALF PRICE YOU GUYS!!!  YOU'VE GOT TO MOVE ON THIS!!

And move we did, because she has a way of getting the show on the road.  That is how we ended up with The Brothers.....Frank and Pip.  Not only was it half price adoptions, but it was also Buy One Get One Free.  How could you turn down a sale like that?

My aunt once told me that she's a real sucker for a sale.  Goes right to the sign, and dammit she'll find something even if she doesn't need it.  Oh, I know all about that, I told her.  I've got a closet full of good deals that have been worn once.  "I swear," she said, "if they put a turd on sale I'd probably buy it."

The Brothers have each been diagnosed with a kidney infection.  Urine sample.  Overnight stay.  Medication.  $150.00.  Next week is round two.  More medication.  Another urine sample.  $$$.

We're off to a stellar start with this great deal we got, and The Two Turds we acquired hang in the closet next to the leopard pencil skirt that makes me look like a fat, middle-aged hooker.


  1. Unfortunately Kathy, a leopard pencil skirt makes everybody look like a fat middle age hooker. But bless your curly top heart for giving Pip and Frank a home. Have they met dora yet?

  2. They had a brief meeting w/Dora. Not buds yet........maybe by spring when they're prowling the hood.