Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let's Label

When I decided to write a blog, the set-up took FOREVA.  Like forty days and forty nights.  The Teacher Girl came over and said, "Watch."  Then she did about 25 steps while texting with multiple sites getting maximized and minimized and music playing in the background and I had no idea what she did.

Even though it was all ready to go, I decided to change everything which explains the simple look I've got going.  Simple because it was all I was capable of.   Simple because I was Amish in another life.

This weekend I was talking to someone who has a different kind of blog and asked him a bunch of questions.  Foremost, how do you get your blog out there and attracting attention?  He gave me some advice that had something to do with something something zero or something something oh.  I can't remember because I was having fun and drinking and you know how that goes.   And then I wondered how you labeled your posts?   By typing whatever you want in the box that says "label" on the compose page.  Drrrrrrr.............Drrrrrrr............Double Drrrrrrr.............

I'm going to label everything I write now because I learned a new skill.  All Big Daddy posts will say, Hey, Why Don't You Put That On The Blog?  That's cuz whenever I think he's done something dumb, he says that to me.  In the meantime, the Nook that The BD got me last year for Christmas sits unused because turning the pages made me so nuts I wanted to fling it across the room.   I may have to tap into my skill set and figure out how to turn just one.  At a time.  Instead of thirty.  I would label that A Breakthrough.

This is The Big Daddy yelling at me to "put it on the blog."  So I did.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    Increasing traffic to your blog is simple: nudity. I am sure the BD would be happy to serve as your subject.

  2. That is if you like hail damage.