Monday, November 21, 2011

A Revelation

In my obsession with reality shows about hoarding, I heard a pearl of wisdom from a professional organizer working with a client.  He said to her, "Life is about experiences, not things."

Oh my.

In a house and garage that has too much stuff, a closet that is full, kitchen cabinets that barf Tupperware every time you open them, a freezer with food that can no longer be identified, and a basement that is a holding pen for crap we have no need or use for......this was an eye-opener.  I may not be a hoarder, but I buy way more than we need.

Last week, the girls and I went to see The Alvin Ailey Dancers.  That Tiny Dancer of ours has led the way to a whole new world for this family, and those professional dancers proceeded to Rocka My Soul to the Bosom of Abraham.  I've been singing my prayers ever since, and oh my indeed............

It was an experience.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks " Tiny Dancer " !
    Loved The Posting Kathy..........
    I Can't Sing, But There Is Definately A
    Spring In My Step Today !
    Judy & Tom