Sunday, November 6, 2011

Slum Lords & Pirates

The Boy Child has had some issues concerning the apartment he lives in at school.  The end of August, he wrote a rent check that did not clear, and he made repeated calls to check on it so as to avoid late fees.  After leaving many messages, The Slum Lord finally called back and told him it was never received.  He wrote another check and took it to the office, asking that if the original check shows up to call him and he'd pick it up. 

Two months after the fact, The Slum Lord cashed the original check.

He called her and remarkably, she did not return his call.  In the meantime, his account has taken a significant hit, so I told him I'd handle it.  I made a call to The Slum Lord and she said gee, I guess I forgot about that, yeah there was a conversation about a lost check, I guess it was here in the office the whole time, it must have been put with the October deposits, I'll just put it towards the rent for November.  He's paid for November.  Oh, she says, did that check clear?  Yes.  Well, then I'll put it towards the rent for December.

Ummm, no you won't I said.  You'll write him a check and he'll be at your office Monday morning to pick it up.  The SL got High and Mighty after that, telling me she was going above and beyond even having a conversation with me since I wasn't her renter.   
I was retelling the story to The Teacher Girl who cut right to the chase and asked me if I called her a bitch.  I was about to and she hung up on me.  "Well, Mom," she said, "if you do have to talk to her again, you tell her she's nothing but A Dirty Pirate Hooker."

I guess there's no need for me to lay awake at night, kinking my curls over that one getting taken advantage of by anybody.


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