Saturday, November 5, 2011


These two keep parking their butts on the sofa.  After the hundredth time of yelling at them to get off, Mallie Bee said to me, "I don't think they understand what get off the couch means."

I believe they do.  I believe they're taunting me.  I believe these two are Trouble.


  1. when did you pick up Frank and Pip?

  2. Oh ........... but they are so cute !
    You'd have a hard time getting me off that pretty sofa too !
    They may be " Trouble " but they are smart .

    Judy & Tom

  3. Frank & Pip have been with us for a couple of weeks. We got them @ Wayside Waifs - a BOGO deal. We had no intention of getting two cats, but they're brothers and best buds. We couldn't break up the family so now I have Naughty x 2. Every day.