Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lexus Shmexus

Could it be that it is only one week into December and I am already sick of seeing this.........

With this attached...............
Source: amazon.com via Xixi on Pinterest


I've grown used to seeing the rich sitting around the tree in their designer jammies on Christmas morn and Dad saying, "Hey, everybody let's go out in the snow and see something."  And the little lemmings all follow because of the trust fund and Mom never gets bitchy and says, "What the hell?  In my new Tory Burch boots?"  She doesn't even look tired from running her ass off all month and she still has to put a Honeybaked Ham in the oven.

The newest commercial in Fantasy Gift Christmas features a couple about 30 years old in an elevator that plays the Lexus theme song.  When the door opens, there sits a new $50K car for the Mister and they must not have student loans to pay off.  Please go away.

Give me this lady any every day of the week.

She can hardly contain herself when the blenders go on sale, and with that jogging suit and pearls.......she's C.L.A.S.S.Y.  With a capital "T".......for the store that the Real Santa shops to make Christmas dreams come true.


  1. Is that address behind the Target lady supposed to be a subtle hint as to the average age of the desired demographic audience of these commercials? Maybe because I watch them on Mute, I notice more than my share of the visuals. That address is NOT a coincidence, I'm sure of it.

  2. ♥♥♥ Target Gal, too! Pulled my pearls out to upgrade my style quotient... They pick up the skunk stripe of my growing-out silver 'do quite nicely, so I, too, am ready to do some blender shopping! Trust funders have nothing on us! ;)