Sunday, December 11, 2011

Precocious Pets

I'm a dog person.  I can tolerate cats, and I loved Beamer, but I'd much rather have a dog around.

The Big Daddy loves cats and and would much rather have them around than a dog.

Mars, Venus, kids, dog, cats, and fish all living under one roof.

The Big Daddy was in the kitchen when Henry decided he wanted a taste of some kitten milk, and you'd have thought the dog was holding the old man up in an armed robbery the way he tore into him.  He needed to wash down the snack from the garbage can.  I got mad at The BD for yelling at my dog, and who should come around to investigate, but Frank and Pip, and aren't they so fun, he says.  Oh yeah, they're precocious, I said.  Mallie Bee heard all of this and asked what that meant.  Little shits is what it means.  No, The Big Daddy said, they're mischievous.

The Mischievous Ones still have kidney issues and peed on our bed the other day.  The bed of the people who saved them from a shelter that may have been No Kill, but it wasn't a lifetime guarantee.  Who does that sort of thing?   Well, me that time I took Nyquil and was dreaming I was going to the bathroom and I the bed.  

When they're not getting into trouble, they're fast asleep, but don't let the innocent, sleeping baby pic fool you.  These two are a couple of Gang Bangers.

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  1. They look like angels. They actually plot to take over the world when no one is looking.